RV Maintenance Tips

RV Maintenance

At Peterborough RV Centre, we think nothing is more important than the maintenance and care of your RV. Proper maintenance can save you money on costly repairs and increase the value of your RV. We have provided this information page to help you with some of the more difficult questions we encounter in our store on a daily bases.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the information we have provided or email us with your own questions that you would like to see addressed.


RV Tips –  RV Toilet Chemical

When moving from one brand of toilet chemical to another you must be careful – Not all chemicals will react well with one another.  The residue from your old chemical might interfere with the new chemical’s ability to work well in your holding tank.  This is particularly true if you are moving from a formaldehyde based chemical, like “Liquid Gold” or “Aqua Chem – Blue” to an environmental sound product like “Odorlos” or “Mirage 2000”.

The formaldehyde reside in your tanks will actually prevent many environmentally friendly chemicals from working.  To combat this, rinse your tanks with water several times before switching chemicals.  Another alternative is to clean the tank with a detergent, we like Captain Phab’s “Purple Power”, before using your new toilet chemical.

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